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Need a sports chiropractor?

Dealing with a sports injury can be tiresome and difficult. You may feel frustrated by the slowness of the healing process and you may want something to ease the pain without committing to prescription drugs or serious surgery. Thankfully, a sports chiropractor can provide you with a safer third option. A chiropractor can provide you with the treatment you need to aid your body in its natural healing process. In the Orlando, Florida area, contact an Orlando sports chiropractic office for help. Millenia Chiropractic, LLC, an Orlando sports chiropractic office, can assist you with your sports injury.


Knee Injury

An anterior cruciate ligament tear, or ACL tear, is a tear to the ligament that holds the leg bone to the knee. When you are suddenly hit or stopped on that particular side, you can tear that ligament and if the tear is severe enough and severs, it can require surgery. However, a sports chiropractor can assist the injury during the rehabilitation process.


Groin pull

Any number of physical activities can result in this injury. A groin pull is exactly as it sounds: a strain to your inner thigh muscles or groin. While rest and icing the injury is a good way to recover, you can seek chiropractic treatment in order to help your body in the healing process. Additionally, returning to full activity too soon after the injury can aggravate it and delay its healing.

Ankle sprain

An ankle sprain can happen when the foot turns inward and tears the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Because athletes are often on the move, this injury can result from a number of things including running and dancing. In order to prevent the injury from occurring, athletes can stretch the ankle and work on its flexibility. However, a broken bone can be mistaken for this injury so it is important to get an X-ray done in order to ensure that it is, in fact, an ankle sprain.

Shin splints

When you experience pain down the front of your lower leg, this can often be shin splints. These can occur most often by running but also at the beginning of a training program that is particularly strenuous. The best treatment for these is rest and icing the injury as well as pain medication to ease the ache. For the healing process and to speed up recovery, a sports chiropractor can give you a program to get yourself back to normal.


Hamstring strain

The hamstring is the three muscles in the back of the thigh. When you kick your leg, as when you are hurdling, the muscles can be overstretched. These particular injuries are very difficult to heal and can last up to six to twelve months because of the aggravation that walking causes on the muscles.


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For all these injuries, receiving chiropractic treatment can help in the recovery process and to strengthen the muscles so that the injury does not happen again. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Orlando area, contact Millenia Chiropractic, LLC, an Orlando sports chiropractic office, for more information about how to treat your injury.