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Are you searching for an Orlando Sports Chiropractic? Millenia Chiropractic, LLC offers some of the best services you may need to check out to be treated for a recent injury. Finding a sports chiropractor near me has been a project, so lets hope this one is the winner. Contact us today for answers and to find out our most common reasons for patients visiting our office. Chiropractic medicine is a practice that has grown and expanded over the years. We promise to provide the best care for all patients in need due to a sports injury.  


Types of care a sports chiropractor near me will be able to give you


They treat high level, elite athletes, and everyone in between. No matter what level, an Orlando sports chiropractic can take care of everything from rehabilitation of an injury to helping you achieve a PR. Many sports chiropractors treat common, overuse injuries as well. Such as, hip, knee, or foot injuries in runners, or athletes like volleyball, baseball, and tennis with shoulder pains. They can evaluate, diagnose and treat just about and any sports related injury or performance issue.


Types of treatments offered by an Orlando sports Chiropractic  


They will do a spinal manipulation, if needed. They will evaluate joints that may demonstrate limited range of motion due to restriction, but this is just the beginning of the number of treatments they offer. You can receive: Muscle work, exercise rehabilitation, strength training, kettlebell exercise, barbell exercises, stretching activities, core strengthening exercises, tapping and advanced soft tissue techniques.

Athletes have all types of injuries, which is why visiting an Orlando Sports Chiropractic is ideal because they have the experience and treatments to get you back on the playing field sooner rather than later. It is important to us that you get to do the things you love and spend your time actively playing a sport instead of sitting around in pain. Let us help you feel better.


How do you know if it’s time to see a sports chiropractor?

Anyone can benefit from visiting Millenia Chiropractic, LLC . At some point in our lives we have has injuries that a sports chiropractor could cure. A great strength and conditioning coach can help you get through the pain and onto the next level on training to get you back on your feet. Our goal is to help you become a better player than ever before and heal you so that you can play your favorite sport and never look back. Trust our Orlando Sports Chiropractic to help you in every way we possibly can.

Contact Us

If you have been involved in a sports injury and are looking for a sports chiropractor near me, reach out to Millenia Chiropractic, LLC in Orlando, FL. We can answer any questions you may have and schedule you an appointment today. Let us know how we can help. We want to know what happen, so we can find the right treatment plan for you.