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An accident is a traumatic event that can cause your adrenaline and your emotions to run high, which can make it easier for you to ignore the physical pain caused by your injuries. Millenia Chiropractic, LLC offers treatment to patients who have suffered gravely in a car crash. It’s essential to visit an experienced chiropractor after car accident for pain management. Learn more about chiropractic therapy options for different injuries and chronic pain relief.


When Should You Consult a Chiropractor After Car Accident?


Sometimes when you are involved in a car crash but you do not have any visible injuries, there is a chance that you might ignore the pain and avoid seeing a doctor. This can be dangerous as there are some injuries that are hard to spot unlike fractured bones, airbag burns, and other visible injuries. A concussion, whiplash, and herniated discs are hard to spot. However, they can be painful if left untreated.

It’s essential for you to look for a qualified “chiropractor near me” and start treatment right away. Head trauma, fractured bones, and whiplash must be treated as soon as possible to avoid further complications post-accident.

Some injuries suffered during a car crash can be severe and needs long-term treatment. Initially, you might need hospitalization to help you recover from the crash. After your physical injuries have healed and all your stitches are off, it’s necessary to look for a professional chiropractor service.

A chiropractor will be conducting a thorough examination, if needed he might request imaging tests to determine the severity of your injuries. They are experts in detecting soft tissue damage, loss of range of motions, joint damage, herniated disc, and muscle weakness. For better long-term treatment, you must look for a skilled chiropractor near me for assistance.


What Type of Car Crash Injuries can a Chiropractic Treat?


Injuries after a car crash can be minor or severe depending on the nature and severity of the crash. Among the different injuries, whiplash is one of the common traumas caused by the body’s natural response to being forcefully jerked during a car crash. Whiplash is caused by sudden whip back and forth that exceeds the normal limits of the body. It leads to tears and damage to the ligaments. Some of the major symptoms of a post-car accident whiplash are:


  1. Lower back pain


  1. Neck ache


  1. Stiffness in neck


  1. Shoulder pains


  1. Severe headaches


  1. Confusion


  1. Drowsiness


  1. Blurred vision


  1. Arm aches


  1. Aching legs especially the joints


If you have one or more symptoms from the list above then it’s time for you to look for an experienced chiropractor near me for pain management. Treatment for all of the above symptoms is necessary because it can lead to scarring and severe pain if not treated.


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Millenia Chiropractic, LLC offers treatment for car accident patients with different types of injuries including whiplash. We recommend that you visit our center and have a meeting with our expert chiropractor after car accident to help you with pain relief. Contact us to learn more about our practices and treatment options for chronic pain management.