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Pain can be a difficult thing to deal with, but you will often find that help from an experienced chiropractor can make a world of a difference for you if you are suffering from pain. A chiropractor follows a series of steps to ensure that every patient receives the absolute best care and, with their help, you can be certain to find a solution to your pain problems. If you are looking for more information about chiropractors and chiropractic adjustment services, contact Millenia Chiropractic, LLC in Orlando. Don’t settle when searching “chiropractor near me” and choosing whatever appears, choose the one chiropractor that Orlando trusts.

The First Steps

The first thing that you will do, as with any other doctor, is fill out patient forms that allow the doctor to know what your medical history is and more personal information about you that may help them understand your condition a little better and lets them know what to be wary of—such as prior back problems—in the future.

Once you have completed these forms, you will receive a consultation with the doctor. They will discuss with you what your concerns are and where your pain is, if any. This initial visit will give the doctor a comprehensive idea of what your issues are and where they may want to go from there, so this initial consultation will take some time so that they can fully grasp how to approach your condition.

Next, the doctor will perform an examination. This will directly assess your nerves and pain and look over your posture as well as the state of your bones. Your chiropractor will write down his results and determine from this initial examination if x-rays or further examinations are needed.

If the doctor determines that x-rays are, in fact, necessary, they will perform the x-rays over the problem site and see if they can identify the misalignment. From there, they will recommend how to proceed with treatment. The conclusion of their findings will dictate whether or not they can even help you or if you have to be referred to another doctor and how much your treatment plan will cost depending on how in depth it will have to be.

Chiropractic adjustment and other treatments


Nearing the conclusion of your first appointment, you will receive your first treatment. This can be a variety of things depending on what your particular condition requires, but can include a chiropractic adjustment. This consists of a chiropractor manipulating the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns.

Other treatments may be applicable and the doctor may even recommend that you consult other doctors in addition to them to assist you in your pain relief. If you are thinking “I hope there is a chiropractor near me that can provide me with this kind of service,” look no further than Millenia Chiropractic, LLC.

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Typing “chiropractor near me” can sometimes yield unwieldy results. Turn instead to the chiropractor that Orlando residents trust, Millenia Chiropractic, LLC. Check out their website or call (407) 956-1895. They have the expert team you need to get chiropractic treatment for your pain.